A Surprizing Finding Shines New Light on the Largest Group of Human Proteins

The study could pave the way for more meaningful interpretation of personal genomes. Donnelly Centre researchers have discovered that the largest group of human proteins, which work as genome gatekeepers to control gene activity, are even more diverse in their roles than previously thought. The finding expands our understanding of how proteins “read” the DNA and could lead to a more accurate interpretation of individual genomes.
Nov 29 / 2016

Donnelly Researchers Rapidly Identify New Drug Target and Develop Antibodies to Kill Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a process that dramatically cuts the amount of time it takes to create new cancer treatments.
Nov 22 / 2016

Hacking Health Care in a Refugee Camp

They hadn’t even been at the refugee camp a whole day when the first of only two power adapters blew up.
Nov 18 / 2016

Donnelly Researcher Receives Outstanding Innovation Award

As a protein engineer, Dr. Wei Zhang gives old molecules new tricks. And now, he’s transformed a single human protein into a virus-crushing arsenal that could lead to long-sought treatments for deadly infections.
Nov 14 / 2016
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