Targeting Tumours: Donnelly Centre Researchers Investigate Biological Barriers to Nanomedicine Delivery

For cancer patients, understanding the odds of a treatment’s success can be bewildering. The same drug, applied to the same type of cancer, might be fully successful on one person’s tumour and do nothing for another one. Physicians are often unable to explain why.
Aug 9 / 2017

Research Team Harnesses Engineering, Biology and Medicine in Effort to Stimulate Muscle to Fix Itself

If you suffer a debilitating muscle injury, a tissue graft often offers the best hope to restore lost function. But the procedure, in which surgeons replace the damaged muscle with healthy muscle from another part of your body or from a donor, can be limited by the availability of grafts and the tendency for the new tissue to die before it incorporates into your body.
Aug 3 / 2017

Scientists Enlist Baker’s Yeast to Find New Medicines

A team of Canadian, US and Japanese scientists turned to baker’s yeast in a hunt for better drugs.
Jul 17 / 2017
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