Wei Zhang Wins Prestigious Cancer Research Award

Postdoctoral fellow Wei Zhang is the 2017 recipient of the Cancer Research Society's Next Generation
Oct 10 / 2017

This Graduate Student is Fostering Public Trust in Science, One Selfie at a Time

On any given day, with a smartphone in hand, Samantha Yammine might be debunking science myths, arguing why evolution works or giving career advice to aspiring scientists, all the while running experiments to complete PhD. And taking selfies.
Oct 6 / 2017

Ben Blencowe Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Professor Ben Blencowe has been elected fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) in recognition of outstanding scientific achievement.
Sep 11 / 2017

Tinder for Proteins: New Tool Sheds Light on the Rules of Molecular Attraction

Study reveals unexpected diversity in the ways proteins bind to their partners, with implications for understanding the molecular roots of disease.
Sep 7 / 2017
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