Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research

Academic Outreach

We like to stay in touch. We are a community-centered organization and as such our mandate is to educate students and staff on the newest developments in the next-generation sequencing realm. We give NGS-focused presentations to -omics courses at U of T. If you are from another institution and would like to book a presentation, tour, or other collaboration, please send us an email with a short introduction and description.

Previous outreach work:

University of Toronto MMG3006Y, Future Directions in Medical Genomics: Spring 2019, upcoming. Graduate students will be receiving a tour of the DSC facility, participating in a hands-on library prep, and attending lectures by the DSC director and staff.

University of Toronto BME346H, Biomedical Engineering and Omics Technologies: Spring 2019. Undergraduate students attended a lecture overviewing current NGS technologies and challenges in the field.

University of Toronto MGY360H, Whole-Genome Sequencing and Analysis Laboratory: Spring 2017, 2018 (recurring). Undergraduate students receive a tour of the DSC facility.