Donnelly Centre Investigators Win Inaugural Canada-UK Funding to Develop Microrobots for Brain Surgery and Cell Manipulation

Tiny AI-controlled robots could in the future be tasked with finding and capturing rare stem cells from brain tissue for therapy. While this type of microsurgery can take years to develop, Donnelly Centre investigators Aaron Wheeler and Cindi Morshead have received a funding boost to make it happen.
Feb 24 / 2020

2020 Dorrington Awards Recognize Graduate Research in Rare Diseases, Computer Vision and 3D Cancer Modelling

Pictured from left to right are the 2020 Dorrington Awardees, Sanna Masud, Nil Sahin and Benjamin Kingston.  
Feb 18 / 2020

Meet Zheng Luo, 2020 Best Fellow

Zheng Luo joined the Blencowe lab last year to research how mammalian cells diversify their protein toolkit to build someth
Feb 7 / 2020