Donnelly Centre Research Thesis Prize

Donnelly Thesis Prize will be awarded annually to Ph.D. students who complete their thesis requirements while studying in the Donnelly Centre.  A selection committee will select up to three recipients annually on the basis of quality, originality and significance of their work, which shall represent a diverse range of research topics.

Award value:


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Applications requirements:

  • Application form: PDF icon donnellythesisprize-appform-2019.pdf (199.37 KB)
  • Curriculum vitae detailing contributions to research and development using the NSERC Form 201 format (see Part 1:  Contributions to research and development) at:

  • A two page summary of the thesis work, written by the applicant, outlining the significance, impact and originality of results as well as possible applications for the work.  The summary should also include a nominee's specific contributions to collaborative publications and research activities.  Applicants should also describe how their work embodies the mandate of the Donnelly Centre.

  • A recommendation letter from the thesis supervisor including thesis submission date, a description of the problem, techniques, results and potential impact of the thesis work.

  • A copy of up to two relevant publications for the committee's review


Award conditions:

The student must have studied in the Donnelly Centre and have passed the final senate oral in the previous calendar year.

Applications are due by 5pm on Thursday, February 27, 2020.

Forward completed application package to: or 160 College St, Room 230. Include "Donnelly Thesis Prize" in the e-mail title.


Questions about this award may also be sent to:


Read about the past recipients of the Donnelly Thesis Prize:

Abdullah Syed (2020)

Simon Eng (2019)

Oren Kraus (2018)

Hong Han (2017)

Wendy Qiao (2016)

Alphonsus Ng (2015)