The DSC Team

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Tanja Durbic
Platform & Project Manager

Tanja joined the DSC as facility and project manager in March 2016. She comes from a background in biology and genetics and is currently balancing a MEng degree with full-time work and volunteering. In her spare time, Tanja enjoys breaking things and putting them back together (not always to their original form).

At the DSC, she is especially fond of pushing sequencing technologies into unexplored territory and working on new applications. She’s always been blessed with talented coworkers who have been vital in creating an efficient, harmonious, creative and fun work environment.

She is the proud mom to her Siberian Husky Puzzles and her tabby Louie.

Kyle Turner
Laboratory Coordinator

Kyle is the newest addition to the Donnelly Sequencing Centre, returning to U of T after several years away. He did his BSc and MSc here, studying ants and plants in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. After a grad program focused on field ecology, he shifted gears into molecular biology and worked on several large sequencing projects as a technician and lab manager at Harvard University. Attracted by the DSC's commitment to protocol innovation and project diversity, he returned to Toronto to join the team in the fall of 2018.

If you like karaoke or contra dance, let Kyle know.

Dr. Ben Blencowe

Ben has been Director of the DSC since 2013. Prior to joining UofT in 1998, Ben was a Research Fellow at MIT and obtained his BSc and PhD at Imperial College London and EMBL Heidelberg, respectively. His group is a world leader in RNA biology and has published numerous pioneering studies employing novel high-throughput sequencing and data analysis methods to characterize the transcriptomes of diverse cell and tissue types, species and disease states. Many of the publications from his group have been made possible through a close working relationship with the DSC team. More information on Ben’s research can be found at: The Blencowe Lab


Previous technical staff

Fru Michael Forbiteh, Sequencing Specialist

Graham O’Hanlon, Sequencing Specialist II

Danica Leung, Sequencing Specialist II, CSPro

Dr. Dax Torti, Manager and Sequencing Specialist