Donnelly in the Media

March 2021

A "firefly test" that counts coronavirus antibodies developed by Professor Igor Stagljar's team has been featured in the news:


‘Firefly’ test aims to shed light on COVID-19 vaccine endurance - The Globe and Mail

Toronto researchers develop "firefly mthod to measure COVID-19 immunity - CityNews

Firefly’ test aims to shed light on COVID-19 vaccine endurance  - Rogers radio

Low-Cost Pinprick Test Measures COVID-19 Immunity in Under One Hour - Technology Networks

Štagljar: Napravili smo brži, točniji i jeftiniji test za koronavirus - IndexHR (Croatian)


February 2021

University Professor Molly Shoichet is featured in The Globe and Mail for securing financing for her startup company AmacaThera to start human trials of an engineered injectable gel that can help postsurgery pain treatment:

Out of the lab, into the marketplace: How one of Canada’s most celebrated scientists, Molly Shoichet, is bringing her key discovery to market - The Globe and Mail


Pmuseum specimen of African coalcanth fishrofessor Tim Hughes' team has discovered that the African coelacanth evolved dozens of new genes in its recent evolutionary history from traveling DNA passed on from other species:

“Fossil fish” not the fossil we thought it was - Canadian Geographic

Old fish, new genes - Cosmos

Huge Fish, Once Believed Extinct, Isn’t the ‘Living Fossil’ Scientists Thought - Gizmodo

Coelacanths, The Poster Fish For “Living Fossils”, Have Actually Had A Dozen Modern Upgrades - IFL

African coelacanth fish evolved dozens of new genes just 10M years ago - United Press International

Coelacanths Are Not ‘Living Fossils,’ New Study Shows - SciNews

Bizarre Coelacanth Hasn't Spent 65 Million Years Unchanged After All, Its Genome Reveals - Science Alert

Il celacanto: un “fossile vivente” che continua a evolversi - (Italian)

Le cœlacanthe, un fossile vivant qui évolue toujours - Futura Sciences (French)

El celacanto no es un fósil viviente pese a su apariencia - europapress (Spanish)

Considerado "fóssil vivo", raro peixe ganhou 62 genes de outras espécies - Galileu (Portuguese)

Живое ископаемое — латимерия — оказалось не совсем ископаемым - Naked Science (Russian)


January 2021

An interdisciplinary team of Toronto researchers co-led by Professor Gary Bader has found that brain tumour formation might be linked to tissue healing following an injury:

scan of a brain tumourListen to Prof Bader talk about this research on SuperHumanRadio.

New Clues to How Cancers Originate in the Brain - U.S.News

Brain Injury Healing Itself May Result in an Unwanted Tumor, Finds New Study - News18

New Information May Help Treat Brain Cancer - NewsMax

Tissue Healing linked with brain cancer - Asian News International (newswire)

How brain inflammation and healing is pointing to new glioblastoma targets - Fierce Biotech

Hirnverletzungen können Tumorbildung anregen - (German)


November 2020

Professor Molly Shoichet receives the Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal, Canada’s Highest Honour for Science and Engineering Research:

Engineer who designs gels to mimic human tissues wins Canada's top science prize - CBC News

University of Toronto researcher awarded Canada’s top science prize - The Globe and Mail


October 2020

Professor Sachdev Sidhu and his team's COVID 19- research is mentioned in a piece in Toronto Life's "21 reasons to love Toronto":

No. 3: Because our best and brightest are leading the fight against Covid - Toronto Life


September 2020

Research led by Professor Jason Moffat that identified the genes that allow cancer to shield from the immune system has been featured in the media:

a cancer cell surrounded by immune T cellsStudy calls out the genes that make cancer cells so hard to kill - Big Think

Over a Hundred Genes Found to Aid Cancer Evade the Immune System - Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

CRISPR Screen Uncovers Genes That Help Cancer Cells Evade Immune System - Genomeweb

Scientists identify dozens of genes allowing cancer cells to evade the immune system - eCancer


August 2020

Professor Andy Fraser and his team have discovered a unique molecular mechanism that can be exploited to target gut parasites, featured in:

Unique molecular mechanics can pave way for potential treatments for infections - News Medical

Boost in battle against drug-resistant parasites, as roundworms’ ability to survive without oxygen revealed - Russia Today Network


June 2020

Professor Mikko Taipale's team discovers how bacterial toxins evolve to cause new ailments:

Bacterial toxins are fascinating machines of death - Med India


May 2020

Professor Jason Moffat's research on brain cancer immunotherapy has been featured in:

dendritic cells and T cellStartup targets glioblastoma tumors with CAR-T therapy - Fierce Biotech

Treatment shows promise in treating deadly brain cancer - Medical Express

CAR-T Cell Therapy Shows Promise against Glioblastoma in Mice - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Un nouveau traitement prometteur contre le cancer du cerveau - Futura Sante

La investigación del cáncer nunca para (tampoco en la pandemia) - The Conversation (Spanish)


Professor Hannes Röst and his team help identify a metabolic signature that can predict diabetes years before symptoms appear:

Unique Metabolic Signature Predicts Transition to T2D After Gestational Diabetes - Clinical Advisor

DIABÈTE : Le test sanguin qui prédit le risque des années avant - Sante log (French)

Blood test can predict diabetes years before it strikes - Med India

Un esame del sangue potrebbe prevedere il diabete anni prima che arrivi - Pharmastar (Italian)


April 2020

Professor Fritz Roth's team helps create the world's largest map of human protein interactions:

network view of the protein mapWorld's largest protein connection map reveals cell workings - News Medical

Tens of Thousands of Protein-Protein Interactions Reported in Human Reference Interactome Map - Genomeweb

Das soziale Netzwerk unserer Proteine - (German)

Publicado el interactoma humano, un mapa de las comunicaciones entre proteínas - DiCyt (Spanish)

Publicado el “facebook” de las proteínas humanas - Catalunya Vanguardista (Catalan)

Fontos térkép készült az emberi testről, a vírusok és a rák elleni küzdelemben is segítget - (Hungarian)


March 2020

Dev sidhu in toronto star

Professor Sachdev Sidhu has received emergency federal funding to develop antiviral therapuetics for COVID19:

U of T scientists working on coronavirus treatment among recipients of Canadian emergency grants - Toronto Star

Watch Professor Sachdev Sidhu give interview to CTV News about developing antivirals for Covid-19.

Watch Professor Sachdev Sidhu give interview to Global News about the rapid progress of science across the world in an effort to develop treatments and vaccines to halt the outbreak.

Listen to Professor Sachdev Sidhu talk about his research to develop antivirals for Covid19 on CBC's Metro Morning.

The vaccine hunters racing to save the world from the coronavirus pandemic - The Telegraph (UK)

Les chercheurs s'activent pour trouver une riposte - La Presse



Professors Ben Blencowe and Jason Moffat's team develop a new tool for a more powerful and versatile genome editing:

CRISPR Tool Harnesses Two Cas Enzymes to Simultaneously Edit Multiple Genes - GEN Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

CRISPR development enables simultaneous gene editing - Drug Target Review

Multiple Genome Fragments Can Now Be Edited at a Time - Med India


January 2020

Researchers in Professor Ben Blencowe's lab uncover a gene fragment linking autism to mental disability:

Gene Fragment Could Link Autism and Cognitive Impairment - Technology Networks


Professor Gary Bader's research on molecular mapping of individual cells in the  human liver was featured in U of T magazine:

Mapping the Human Body, One Cell at a Time - University of Toronto Magazine


Professor Warren Chan's lab begins to unpick barriers to nanomedicine delivery:

Most engineered nanoparticles enter tumours through cells, not between them - NanoWerk



November 2019

cigaretteWorking with Professor Derek van der Kooy, neuroscientist Taryn Grieder has identified the brain mechanism behind nicotine aversion in a finding that could lead to more effective treatments for smokers:

Watch Taryn explain her research on CTV's Your Morning.

How scientists could help people quit smoking by targeting 'disgust' receptors - CTV News

Listen to Taryn explain her research on CBC's Radio Active.

How your brain seduces you into thinking cigarettes aren't gross - Inverse

Want to quit smoking? Scientists are working on a pill that could cut out the nicotine buzz and make smokers feel 'anxious and gross' when they have a cigarette - Daily Mail (UK)

Research on why nicotine initially feels disgusting could help smokers quit - The Telegraph (India)

Why the first cigarette feels disgusting — and how this could help smokers quit - ZME Science

Tabac : comment l'aversion naturelle se transforme en addiction - Futura-Sciences (French)

Unangenehmer Nikotin-Effekt mit Potenzial - Focus Online (German)

Onderzoek verklaart waarom de eerste sigaret zo walgelijk vies is - (Dutch)


September 2019

female and male mouseA mouse study led by Donnelly Centre investigator Cindi Morshead found that the diabetes drug metformin promotes brain self-repair but it only works in females and was widely featured in the media:

Listen here to Cindi Morshead speak to the BBC World Service's Newshour programme about her finding (starts at 18.48min) - the segment also aired on Texas Public Radio-San Antonio and Triple M Adelaide station in Australia.

A Promising Brain-Regenerating Drug May Only Work for Women and Babies, a Mouse Study Suggests - Gizmodo

Лекарство от диабета способствует восстановлению мозга - (Russian news)


August 2019

Donnelly Centre investigator Sachdev Sidhu's team creates synthtic antibodies that activate stem cells in the body to stimulate organ regeneration and which will be developed into regenerative medicine treatments by a new Toronto startup:

Researchers Engineer Growth Factor-mimicking Antibodies - Technology Networks

Scientists Develop Antibodies That Could Stimulate the Body to Repair Itself - Interesting Engineering

AntlerA Leverages Precision-engineered Protein Therapeutic Platform to Harness Body's Regenerative Potential - Wallstreet Online (German)

July 2019


Donnelly Centre investigator Aaron Wheeler develops microrobots for intricate cell manipulation:

Microrobots move cells - Chemical & Engeneering News

Microrobots to change the way we work with cellular material - Tech Xplore




June 2019


whipwormDonnelly Centre investigators and U of T professors Andrew Fraser and Amy Caudy discover a new way to tacke drug-resistant parasites:

Scientists discover new method to kill drug-resistant parasites - The Times of India

Unusual parasite metabolism, a ray of hope against drug-resistant parasites - Business Standard (India)

Unusual Parasite Metabolism Offers Hope for a Global Health Problem - Technology Networks


May 2019


evolutionary historyResearchers in Professor Tim Hughes' lab find that dozens of genes, previously thought to have similar roles across species are in fact unique to humans:

Genes that may hold key to human evolution identified - The Times of India

Genes Found to Be Unique to Humans May Unlock the Secret to Our Evolution - Technology Networks

Humans’ DNA-Binding Motifs Surprisingly Distinctive -GEN News

Un malloppo di geni che potrebbe spiegare l'unicità dei sapiens - Focus.It


April 2019

Researchers in Professor Jason Moffat's lab find that stem cells grown on different biomaterials exist in different molecular states with implications for therapy:

Study reveals large molecular differences between stem cells grown on different biomaterials - Medical Express


Ben Blencowe and Molly ShoichetProfessor Benjamin Blencowe and Molly Shoichet elected Fellows of the UK Royal Society:

Three U of T researchers named fellows of U.K.'s Royal Society - U of T News




Christopher Yip to Become New Dean of U of T’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering - U of T News


March 2019


city crowdProfessors Brenda Andrews, Charles Boone and Jason Moffat's perspective in the top journal Cell on why understanding interactions holds key for personalized medicine received media attention:

Understanding gene interactions holds key to personalised medicine, scientists say - eCancer

Understanding gene interactions holds key to personalized medicine - Noticias de la Ciencia y la Technologia

Gene Interactions Hold the Key to Unlocking Personalized Medicine - Technology Networks


Researchers in Professor Peter Zandstra's lab descibe competition among stem cells growing in the dish from which the fastest dividing cells emerge:

Not all stem cells are created equal, study reveals - Long Room


February 2019

Profile of our PhD student Tahani Baakdhah in Professor Derek van der Kooy's lab:

U of T PhD student on combining self-made crocheting business, retinal stem cell research - The Varsity


boyw with a painful kneeMachine learning tool developed by Professor Quaid Morris gives hope to children suffering with arthritis:

Machine learning could improve treatment for children with arthritis: U of T study - U of T News

Machine learning used to improve outcome for arthritic kids - New Atlas

Patterns of joint behavior useful for juvenile arthritis classification - Physician's Briefing

New machine learning technique can boost treatment for arthritis in kids - Business Standard

Machine learning tool could prevent unnecessary treatments for kids with arthritis - News Medical

Machine learning could eliminate unnecessary treatments for children with arthritis - Medical Express


Research in Professors Brenda Andrews and Charlie Boone's labs begins to unpick genetic background effects:

U of T study reveals how genetic background influences trait inheritance - U of T News

Study reveals how genetic background influences trait inheritance - The Telegraph

How genetic background shapes individual differences within a species - Science World Report


worm c elegansResearchers in Professor Derek van der Kooy's lab used worms to study learning and memory in granular detail:

U of T researchers peer inside the mind of the worm for clues on how memories form - U of T News

Peeking Inside the Mind of the Worm for Clues on How Memories form - Technology Networks

Nella mente di un verme per capire i blocchi di memoria - Le Scienze


January 2019

Michael Garton on CTV News

Postdoctoral alum Michael Garton, now Assistant Professor at U of T's Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, recounted on national news the climbing accient that left him paralysed and kicked off a career in research:

Paralyzed former rock climber explores cutting-edge science in Toronto - CTV News (story with video clips).


December 2018

Professor Cindi Morshead explains her research into boosting the brain's self repair to heal stroke injury:

Activating the Brain’s Self-Repair Mode - Research 2 Reality

November 2018

Professor Tim Hughes' research on cannabis genome was widely featured in the media:

Researchers smoke out the genes that give cannabis its kick - Toronto Starcannabis press

Ancient Viruses Are Probably Why Weed Has THC and CBD - Vice|Motherboard

Ancient viruses inspired THC production in marijuana plants - United Press International

The Reason Marijuana Might Have THC Is Revealed in "Cannabis Genome Map" - Inverse

Así es como la marihuana consiguió sus canabinoides - La Vanguardia

Психоактивные свойства конопли связали с древним вирусом - Naked Science


Graduate student Samantha Yammine explains why and how scientists are redefining the kilogram:

Listen to Yammine on CBC Radio's Metro Morning


Professor Cindi Morshead's research on stroke damage repeair featured in Science magazine:

Reprogrammed cells could tackle brain damage - Science


genetic circuit behind autismProfessor Ben Blencowe's lab uncovers more than 200 genes linked to autism:

Network of 200 genes linked to autism - AutismEye

U of T researchers discover genetic network linked to autism - U of T News

Genetic Network Linked to Autism - Technology Networks



October 2018

liver map teamProfessor Gary Bader part of the team that created the world's first molecular map of the human liver:

U of T researchers involved in first map of human liver cells at the molecular level - U of T News


Professor Molly Shoichet talks to CBC's Metro Morning about Artful Science, an exhibition of scientific images at Toronto Pearson Airport

Molly Shocihet on Artful Science - CBC's Metro Morning


September 2018

Professor Zhaolei Zhang and colleagues from the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Republic of Korea revealed the first DNA test for telling leukemia patients in remission the likelihood of their cancer coming back before it's too late to itnervene by other methods:

blast cellsNew genetic test predicts risk of leukemia relapse - U of T News

U of T researchers find way to predict leukemia relapse - The Varsity

NGS-Based Post-Transplant Acute Myeloid Leukemia Assay Predicts Relapse Risk - GenomeWeb

Scientists develop first DNA-based test for predicting risk of leukemia relapse - News Medical

DNA-Test ermittelt Rückfall-Risiko bei Blutkrebs - Bild



August 2018

Professor Liliana Attisano's lab revelas why some cancers grow faster than others:

Researchers uncover why some cancers grow faster than others - News Medical

'Protein behind cancer spread identified' - Business Standard

Cancro, svelata la proteina che rende i tumori più aggressivi e letali: è un nuovo bersaglio -



Professor Gary Bader explains in this video why biology is becoming more like Google maps and why this is a good thing:

It’s Like Google Maps, but for Your Cells - Research 2 Reality


June 2018

An interview with Professor Gary Bader in Research 2 Reality:

‘Find the Science That Excites You’ - Research 2 Reality


May 2018

Our PhD student Samantha Yammine explains why some people hear Laurel and others Yanni in the latest viral video:


CBC Metro Morning

The science behind Laurel v. Yanni - CBC Here and Now


April 2018


University Professor Michael Sefton's research on diabetes and regenerative medicine is featured in U of T Magazine:

With Damaged Organs, a Chance for “Regrowth” - U of T Magazine


Professor Quaid Morris' reseaech on tumour evolution is featured in a U of T Magazine story on how artificial intelligence could tranform medicine:

AI and the MD - U of T Magazine


wheeler press

Aaron Wheeler's  lab-on-a-chip technology brings high-end diagnostics to remote part of the world at a fraction of cost:

Portable test helps identify refugees at risk of outbreaks - Washington Post

Lab-on-a-chip test could help prevent disease outbreaks in remote regions - National Post

Shoebox-sized lab can diagnose infectious diseases from a drop of blood - STAT News

Watch Aaron Wheeler and member of his lab talk to CTV News abotu their technology.

Aaron Wheeler









genome jengaResearch from Brenda Andrews and Charlie Boone's labs  revealed suprising new gene partnerships:

How Many Genes Do Cells Need? Maybe Almost All of Them - Quanta Magazine

Cells are like Jenga: U of T study sheds light on how genes work together to keep cells healthy - U of T News








March 2018

Listen to Quaid Morris talk about how machine learning is helping researchers understand the human genome and be one step ahead of cancer (Integrate.AI podcast):

Machine Learning, Cancer and the Genome with Quaid Morris


February 2018

Gary Bader leads a team of computational scientists, neuroscientists, engineers and chemists to decipher the brain's complexity (video by Research to Reality):


Molly Shoichet discusses her new role as the province's first Chief Scientist:

Q&A: Meet Ontario's first Chief Scientist - Canadian Geographic


Brenda Andrews and Sachdev Sidhu forged new partnerships with pharmaceutical companies in India to translate antibodies engineered in the Donnelly Centre into new cancer therapies:

KSIDC to set up bio-park with focus on cancer therapy - The Hindu Business Line

Developing advanced therapeutics for cancer - The New Indian Express


January 2018


Philip Kim's reflection in the mirrorNew technology for designing mirror-image peptides from Philip Kim's group:

Protein mirror images could generate long-lasting biologics - Chemical and Engineering News

Mirror Image Compounds Could Help Drugs Last Longer - Futurism

U of T scientists create mirror-image molecules to develop better medicines - U of T News


Startup co-founded by Sachdev Sidhu raises $62USD for a new cancer immunotherapy using the Donnelly Centre antibody engineering technology:

U of T prof’s startup takes cancer therapy to clinical trials - The Varsity

New cancer immunotherapy gets a US$62-million boost thanks to U of T antibody engineering technology - U of T News


Grant Brown's team reveals the number of protein molecules in a cell:

Scientists calculate proteins in a single cell and find 42 million - CBC News

How many protein molecules in a single cell? Go on, guess - Cosmos

Scientists Illuminate Life's Workings By Calculating The Number Of Protein Molecules In A Single Cell - IFLS

Scientists Counted All The Protein Molecules in a Cell And The Answer Really Is 42 - Science Alert

Scientists quantify over 90 per cent of the yeast proteome - The Varsity

Por fin sabemos cuántas moléculas hay en una célula - El Mundo

Simpele gistcel bevat 42 miljoen eiwitmoleculen - New Scientist (Dutch edition)



Croatian Molecular Biologist Igor Stagljar Reveals Lung Cancer Drug Now Ready - CroatiaWeek


December 2017

Antibodies developed in the Donnelly Centre are the driving force behind a new form of immunotherapy for cancer which received $62-million USD in funding for further development:

Pionyr Immunotherapeutics gains meaty $62M series B - FierceBiotech


November 2017

Ontario government appoints Molly Shochet as first Chief Scientist:

Ontario appoints first chief scientist to 'make government smarter' - CBC News


Gary Bader explains the findigns of the largest study of breast cancer genetics, which his team was involved in:

Personalized cancer plans the future of fighting disease - Toronto Star


Watch Andy Fraser talk about latest breakthroughs in biomedical research on CTV Toronto:








October 2017

Gary Bader was part of a major international effort that discovered new genetic variants that increase breast cancer risk:

Major research collaboration finds new genetic markers for breast-cancer risk - The Globe and Mail

Breast cancer breakthrough as study uncovers new genetic variants that increase risk - The Guardian








Student from Warren Chan's group tried on the colourblind glasses and wrote about their experience:

Enchroma Colorblind Glasses Review: Illuminating, But Are They Worth The Money? - MedGadget


August 2017

Molly Shoichet outlines five way of getting more women into STEM:

A Killam Prize winner's top 5 ideas for getting more women in STEM - CTV News



A feature on the collaboration between Sachdev Sidhu's team and partners in India that aims to develop better and more affordable drugs:

Indo-Canadian venture radicalises drug research - Hindustan Times









July 2017


Mikko Taipale on why he chose to come to Canada to start his lab:

Finally, a way to halt Canada’s ‘brain drain’ - The Globe and Mail


June 2017


Brendan Frey on how genomic medicine can help stave off genetic disease

Medical Treatments Made Just for You - Research 2 Reality

Watch this video of Brendan Frey, in which he talks about the potential of genomic medicine:



Listen to Sachdev Sidhu speak about the high cost of drugs for rare genetic diseases on CBC Radio1's The Current .

Read the story transcript here.



An interview with Molly Shoichet in Israeli media:

In this lab, researchers work to reverse degenerative disease — and gender discrimination - The Times of Israel






Charlie Boone is using simple yeast cells to begin to understand the complexity of life:

We Don’t Understand Life… But We’re Trying - Research 2 Reality


May 2017


Donnelly Centre alum Radha Chaddah brings to light the beauty of cells in an art exhibition:

Beauty is only skin deep - The Globe and Mail


Fritz Roth has a way of finding harmful mutations before they are even discovered in patients:

What Kind of Mutant Are You? - Research 2 Reality


Ben Blencowe's work on autism features in AutisMag, a Deal With Autism publication:

Could Absence of NSR100 protein in Brain Cells Explain Autism? - AutisMag

Listen to Ben Blencowe talk about the link between NSR100 protein and autism on The Academic Minute podcast


Molly Shoichet wins prestigious Killam Prize for engineering:

Prestigious Killam Prize for engineering awarded to female scientist second year in a row - CBC News








Brenda Andrews and Charlie Boone's teams develop a deep learning algorithm to keep track of the cell's moving parts:

Tracking proteins using AI: U of T scientists develop deep learning algorithm - U of T News



April 2017


Igor Stagljar launches new Toronto startup:

U of T researcher launches startup to help find new smart drugs - U of T News








Andy Fraser and Peter Roy's face a major global health challenge to find new anti-parasitic drugs:

Fighting global diseases: U of T researchers tackle parasites - U of T News



Deep Genomics startup co-founded by Brendan Frey is featured in The New York Times.

Canada Tries to Turn Its A.I. Ideas Into Dollars - The New York Times


ExCellThera startup co-founded by Peter Zandstra wins award:

ExCellThera wins 2017 MaRS HealthKick challenge investor pitch competition - Biotechnology Focus


Quaid Morris gave interview to CBC Radio One's Metro Morning on how artificial intelligence can shape medicine:


March 2017


Derek van der Kooy talks about his career, from grad school to seminal stem cell discoveries, in this RawTalk podcast:


A spotlight on the Centre for Commercialization of Antibodies and Biologics, which is led by Dev Sidhu:

CCAB – bridging Canadian academic R&D with the biotherapeutics economy - Canadian Innovation News


Igor Stagljar's team uncovers new links between the most "druggable" proteins in cells:

U of T study provides new hope for Parkinson’s as elusive proteins come to light -  U of T News


February 2017

Andy Fraser weighs on a controversial discovery of reversible cell death:

Cell Death Might Be Reversible, and Scientists Are Trying to Find Out Why - VICE|Motherboard


January 2017

Derek van der Kooy's discovery of retinal stem cells featured among stem cell breakthoughs

How the discovery of stem cells revolutionized medicine - The Globe and Mail


Igor Stagljar makes cancer discovery:

U of T research unlocks new data for cancer drugs - U of T News

Igor Stagljar is featured on Croatian national TV about his discovery involving a class of proteins that regulate cancer growth






December 2016

Benjamin Blencowe's team uncovers one protein's sweeping influence on autism:

Introverted mice reveal clues to large swath of autism cases - The Globe and Mail

Lacking a single protein may be the cause of 1 in 3 autism cases: Canadian research - Global News

Cause of one third of all autism cases may have been discovered by scientists - The Independent

Autism: Scientists May Be Able To Explain A Third Of All Cases - Huffington Post

Shortage of a Protein Linked to Autism in Mice - The Scientist


Molly Shoichet talks on TVO's The Agenda her lab's innovative approaches in repairing tissue damaged by disease.

Molly Shoichet delivered a lecture at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics on Engoneering Change in Medicine.



Gary Bader&co apply their algorithm, developed for mapping out biological networks, to something more festive:

Mapping the perfect wine and cheese pairings - using data science - BBC News

Looking for the best wine and cheese pairings? There's an app for that - CBC News

How to throw the ultimate wine-and-cheese party using the miracle of data - The Washington Post

A Xmas gift from U of T research: the algorithm behind perfect wine and cheese pairings - U of T News

Become a wine and cheese whiz - The Varsity


November 2016

Medicine by Design director Peter Zandstra weighs in on the future of US stem cell research:

Funding surges in Canada as Trump win throws U.S. stem cell research in doubt - The Globe and Mail


wei zhang with science minister kirsty duncan Wei Zhang's work gets recognized by a Mitacs Innovation Award:

New approach to Ebola, SARS leads to research award - Toronto Star

Up-and-Coming Toronto Researcher Earns Award for Groundbreaking Approach to Fighting Viral Outbreaks - Exchange Magazine

Mississauga researcher’s path-breaking work opens up many possibilities - Brampton Guardian

U of T researcher receives the Mitacs Award for outstanding innovation - U of T News



Charlie Boone, Brenda Andrews and Fritz Roth tell us where in the genome to look for "good" mutations which might overcome those that cause disease:

Two Wrong Genes Can Make a Right, but When? Rules Emerge - GEN News

Mutation vs. Mutation - The Scientist

Why Some Genetic Miscues Are Helpful - Quanta Magazine

Wiedergutmachende Fehler im Erbgut können Krankheiten verhindern - Austrian Press Agency

Bad genes aren’t always bad news say U of T researchers - U of T News

Mutations that Serve to Protect - Research 2 Reality


October 2016

Frederick (Fritz) Roth is on team awarded $75M to find cures for heart disease:

Scientist using big data against heart disease wins $75 million award - STAT News


September 2016

Brenda Andrews and Charlie Boone's team unveal the first global map of genetic interactions which begins to explain how genes behave in groups:

Giant Genetic Map Shows Life’s Hidden Links - Quanta Magazine

Five Ways Yeast Will Help Save Lives - Discover Magazine

It Took 15 Years to Map Every Gene Interaction in a Yeast Cell - Motherboard|VICE

Landmark Map Reveals the Genetic Wiring of Cellular Life - U of T News

Synthetic Lethal Gene Pairs Reveal Life-Sustaining Genome Networks - GEN News

The Genetic Roots of Disease: Landmark Map Reveals the Genetic Wiring of Cellular Life - Futurism

The chatter inside all of your cells: First map of how genes interact could help us fight inherited diseases - Mail Online

Una mappa completa delle interazioni genetiche nel lievito - Le Science


Molly Shoichet was a guest on RawTalk podcast:


Cindi Morshead features in the article on unregulated stem cell treatments:

Be wary of clinics offering stem-cell treatment - The Globe and Mail


August 2016

Molly Shoichet explains what's holding stem cell therapy back:

Why scientific breakthroughs take time to move from lab to bedside - Toronto Star



Phillip Kim develops innovative way to design highly-effective protein-based drugs:

Paving the way to efficient and effective drug design - The Varsity


Penney Gilbert talks about her research on muscle development and repair:

Giving Your Muscles Superpowers - Research 2 Reality



July 2016


Donnelly director Brenda Andrews weighs in on the federal science funding reforms:

Pushback from scientists forces overhaul of funding system in Canada - The Globe and Mail


Jason Moffat on the potential of gene editing in treating cancer:

Scientists in race to test CRISPR gene-editing technique on cancer - CBC News


June 2016

Molly Shoichet discovers a potentially quicker way to deliver drugs to where they are needed in the body:

Discovery Could Help Deliver Protein Drugs - Forbes


May 2016

Ben Blencowe's team develops a tool for studying the role of non-coding RNAs:

Novel Method Allows RNA-RNA Interaction Studies in Context of Human Diseases - GEN News


Brendan Frey's start up Deep Genomics gets featured internationally:

How artificial intelligence could transform the medical world - Toronto Star

Peek Into the Weird and Wonderful Age of AI - WIRED


April 2016

Centre for Commercialization of Antibiodies and Biologics (CCAB), led by Dev Sidhu, partners up with ImmunoBiochem Corp to advance new antibody-based drugs - PR Newswire


Fritz Roth's study on using yeast to hunt for damaging mutations in humans was featured in:

Yeast Against the Machine: How Yeast Could Improve Diagnosis - U of T Medicine News

Baker's Yeast to Identify Disease-Causing Genetic Mutations - Labroots

Yeast Can Do a Lot More Than Make Beer – They Can Tell Us Which of Our Genes Cause Disease - American Council on Science and Health



February 2016


Gary Bader featured as part of the Stand Up to Cancer Canada's "Dream Team":

U of T-based cancer research group hailed as ‘Dream Team’ - The Varsity


Henry Krause's drug-discovery pipeline using genetically engineered fish featured on FairChildTV (in Chinese)


Brendan Frey in People Behind the Science Podcast: Diving Deep into Machine Learning to Read the Human Genome and Understand the Effects of Mutations.


Warren Chan's lab designed shapeshifting nanonaparticles for targetted drig delivery to cancer cells.

How shapeshifting nanoparticles could deliver drugs to tumours - Wired UK

Shape-shifting cancerThe Varsity


January 2016

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau backs commercialization of regenerative medicine led by  Peter Zandstra

Trudeau announces $20M for new cell regeneration research facility - CBC news

Justin Trudeau announces funding for stem cell research - Canada Press video


December 2015

Donnelly Director Dr. Brenda Andrews appointed Companion of the Order of Canada

2015 Order of Canada appointments - The Globe and Mail

Order of Canada awarded to University of Toronto president, faculty members - U of T News




"I think it's a brave new world and we have to just be cautious when we move forward with editing humans especially" says Jason MoffatCBC news

Jason Moffat discusses gene-editing technology  - CTV News


November 2015

Jason Moffat's team used genome editing to find the genes cancers depend on, revealing promising treatment strategies. As featured in:

The New Gene-Editing Technique That Reveals Cancer’s Weaknesses - The Atlantic

The game-changer that let doctors find cancer’s Achilles’ heel - Maclean's

Now That We Can Edit Cancer's Genes, We Can Make Better Drugs - VICE Motherboard

Gene silencing could lead to cancer breakthrough, says Canadian study - Cantech Letter

Scientists map genes essential for cancer to survive - Medical News Today

Scientists' identification of essential genes could lead to new cancer treatments - Gizmag


Brendan Frey's Deep Genomics Start Up Closes Seed Round of $3.7m - BioITWorld


Molly Shoichet discussing research and Research2Reality on Sirius/XM radio - SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Molly Shoichet on the power of interdisciplinary research - Korean broadcaster EBS


Chris Yip's collaboration with David Sinton (Engineering) helps discover new sperm motion that could improve fertility tratments:

Sperm show U of T researchers a new trick: slithering - The Toronto Star

Surprise! Scientists discover that sperm cells can slither - LA Times

Scientists See Sperm Slithering For The First Time - Popular Science

Henry Krause's see-through fish offer clear advantage to drug researchers - The Toronto Star


October 2015


Adam Rosebrock's Multi-Omic Research Reveals New Biological Paradigms Using Agilent Technology - Agilent Technologies

Dev Sidhu and Jason Moffat to trial their synthetic antibodies to treat cancer in pet dogs in the hope of finding promising drug targets for human patients - The Globe and Mail


Molly Shoichet talks about her research at TEDxToronto:


September 2015

Dev Sidhu's Centre for Commercialization of Antibodies and Biologics partners up with biotech giant Celgene to develop cancer therapies

Celgene antes up $25M for first seat at antibody engineers' new deal table - FierceBiotech

Antibody Network Partners With Celgene for Cancer Therapies - UCSF News




Andrew Emili co-creates the world's largest protein map to reveal cell's inner workings - U of T News

Researchers Map A Protein ‘Tree Of Life’ For Species Across The Animal Kingdom - Popular Science


August 2015

Ben Blencowe's research on evolution of the mammalian brain featured in:

PTBP1: The protein that made us the smartest animals on Earth - International Business Times

Read in Spanish El Pais

Read in Italian RAI News

July 2015

Federal government announced historic $114 M grant for Medicine by Design - a project that aims to establish the University of Toronto as a leading centre for regenerative medicine.

Researchers hope $114-million grant will make Toronto a hub for stem cell research - The Globe and Mail

Regenerating the Body - U of T Magazine

Behind the Scenes with Molly Shoichet and Peter Zandstra  - Engineering News



Brendan Frey launches a start-up, Deep Genomics, to use machine deep-learning to spot disease-causing genes from genomic data.


Toronto startup aims to shake up genome sequencing market - The Globe and Mail

Meet Deep Genomics, a start-up bringing the power of deep learning to genomics - The Washington Post

This Startup Says AI Can Predict the Effects of Gene Editing - VICE Motherboard




Andy Fraser's research was featured in:

Genetic Background May Determine Disease Severity in Cystic Fibrosis - Cystic Fibrosis News Today

Why Bad Genes Don’t Always Lead to Bad Diseases - U of T News


June 2015:

Dev Sidhu on CBC The National on the cost of antibody-based drug development.


Cancer cures are being found one at a time - Andy Fraser in Toronto Star.


Warren Chan receives NSERC Discovery Grant for research on "a ratinal chemical strategy for designing multi-functional nano systems" - U of T News


Andrews, Boone and Moffat labs uncover how proteins move around in cells, featured in:

U of T scientists release first comprehensive protein map of a cell - The Globe and Mail

First-Ever Protein Map Will Help Scientists Understand What Makes Cells Healthy - VICE Motherboard

New Map Uncovers the Traffic of Life in a Cell - Medicine News


May 2015

Igor Stagljar named U of T Inventor of the Year - U of T Research and Innovation

Igor Stagljar among the recipients of the CQDM-OCE grant for drug discovery in the Quebec-Ontario life sciences corridor


Shoichet, Morshead and van der Kooy's work featured as:

Injectable gel makes inroads against blindness and stroke - The Globe and Mail

Hydrogels’ Boost Ability of Stem Cells to Restore Eyesight and Heal Brains - Medicine News




April 2015

Don't put too much faith in home-based gene testing - Fritz Roth in Toronto Star.





March 2015

Dev Sidhu awarded the prestigious Christian B. Anfinsen Award from the Protein Society - Medicine News

Molly Shoichet awarded the L'Oreal/Unesco For Women in Science Award:

U of T biomedical engineer wins women in science prize - The Globe and Mail

U of T professor’s excellence, ‘pioneering’ research shines light on path for women to follow - Toronto Star

Canadian researcher Molly Shoichet wins L'Oreal/UNESCO For Women in Science Award - CBC The National


February 2015

Gary Bader's research featured as

A handheld device that can read your DNA - Toronto Star





Amy Caudy profiled in In conversation with Dr. Amy Caudy - The Varsity

Data from Fritz Roth's lab behind the latest student start-up  to predict genetic disease - U of T Magazine

Aaron Wheeler awarded NSERC Steacie Memorial Fellowship - U of T News

Derek van der Kooy won the 2015 Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology Heinz Lehmann Award  - Medicine News

December 2014

Ben Blencowe's research on snippets of genes featured as:

Tiny gene fragments linked to altered brain development in autism, U of T scientists say - Toronto Star

Toronto scientists discover largely overlooked ‘microexons’ serve important role in neurological disorders - London Free Press




Brendan Frey's deep-learning computer system covered in:

Unlocking DNA secrets with a Canadian genome search engine - The Globe and Mail

Machine Intelligence Cracks Genetic Controls - Wired Magazine

The Dark Corners of Our DNA Hold Clues about Disease - Scientific American

A computer model to understand the genetic basis of disease - The Varsity


Dev Sidhu and Jason Moffat's exciting new venture partnership covered as War chest of discoveries seeds Toronto’s Northern Biologics - The Globe and Mail

The next big fronteer in genetics - Brenda Andrews in EGDE's Connaught issue


November 2014

Dev Sidhu launches the Centre for the Commercialization of Antibodies and Biologics

New Centre Will Deliver New Treatments for Cancer Patients - Medicine News

This is Where We’ll Find Cures Today’s Doctors Can’t Even Imagine - U of T Medicine Magazine


Peter Zandstra to be co-director of the new Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine (OIRM) - The Globe and Mail

Peter Zandstra will serve as Interim Scientific Lead of Translational Biology and Engineering Laboratories (TrBEL), the U of T program within the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research - U of T News



Fritz Roth and team are writing the Genetic Instruction Manual - Medicine News

Protein Project Could Help Expose Cancer’s Causes - Scientific Amercian

Illuminating the Interactome - The Scientist



Michael Sefton is named a Member of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies, one of the highest honors in health and medicine

Knowledge Exchange - The Donnelly Centre, the Department of Molecular Genetics and SickKids celebrate international collaboration with the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology - Medicine News

Grand Challenges Canada funds the Wheeler lab's $1 paper detection system for measels and rubella diagnostics  - Engineering News


October 2014

The Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Toronto, Mr. Fang Li, visited the Donnelly Centre. - Medicine News




The Honorable Ed Holder, Minister of State for Science and Technology, visited the Donnelly Centre and  was given a tour of the Toronto Recombinant Antibody Center.


September 2014

Molly Shoichet to lead U of T’s science and engineering engagement activities - U of T News


Peter Zandstra named Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada - U of T Engineering News

Peter Zandstra's collaborative work on cord blood expansion  featured in CTV News.


Amy Caudy and Adam Rosebrock announce collaboration with Agilent Technologies to develop gold-standard methods for metabolomics.

Featured in Businessweek and Biospace.


August 2014

Molly Shoichet Receives TERMIS Senior Scientist Award from the Tissue Engineering International and Regenerative Medicine Society Americas - Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry News


July 2014

Gary Bader listed by Thomson Reuters among highly cited researchers in the world:

Highly cited researchers - Thomson Reuters

Examining Canada’s scientific footprint - The Globe and Mail

Meet U of T scholars on Reuters list- U of T News







Aaron Wheeler: Algae-on-a-chip - Chemistry World

Lab on a chip technology developed in the Wheeler lab draws researchers from around the world - U of T News

The Wheeler lab wins the McLean Award for its work in microfluidics - U of T Research and Innovation


Derek van der Kooy's research featured as Seeing the Possibilities in Stem Cells - Medicine News


June 2014

Terrence Donnelly named a Member of the Order of Canada for his philanthropic contributions to health care and medical research - U of T News

Brenda Andrews receives $1 million to lead a project called "Connaught Network for Modeling and Mapping Complex Disease: addressing the global challenge to understand our personal genomes - U of T News


Portable, fast, accurate test for cocaine developed by the Wheeler lab and collaborators - U of T News

Read more in American Chemical Society.


Aled Adwards is convincing drug companies to fund no-strings research. - U of T News

U of T research centre shares gene discoveries to expedite development of cures - Toronto Star


Molly Shoichet is granted the prestigious and distinguished rank of University Professor

Medical research pioneer Molly Shoichet receives U of T's most distinguished rank - U of T News


May 2014

Gary Bader contributed to "A draft Map of the Human Proteome" published in Nature.

First drafts for human proteome catalogues - BBC News




Molly Shoichet to lead U of T’s science and engineering engagement activities - U of T News

CCRM Sits Down With... Molly Shoichet: Perspective on discovery and commercialization of new therapies and tools in regenerative medicine (video)


Michael Sefton honoured with Gold Medal Award from Engineers Canada.


Glowing Nanoparticles Make Mice Light Up - Warren Chan's research on Good Morning America

The Nano Revolution: More than Human - Warren Chan's research featured on CBC's Nature of Things



April 2014

Stiffness: a new piece of the breast cancer puzzle - U of T News on Penney Gilbert's research.


March 2014

Igor Stagljar's new technology sheds light on protein interactions, better lung cancer therapy - U of T News

Aaron Wheeler's 3D microgels “on-demand” offer new potential for cell research, the future of personalized medicine - U of T Media Room




February 2014

Gary Bader collaborates in finding a new way to treat a deadly childhood cancer using already approved drugs - U of T News


January 2014

Charlie Boone is awarded the Edward Novitzki Prize, from the Genetics Society of Amercia, which recognizes an extraordinary level of creativity and intellectual ingenuity in solving significant problems in genetics research.

U of T Professor Honoured for Changing the Landscape of Genetics Research Medicine News



DNA-built nanoparticles safely target cancer tumours - Warren Chan's research in U of T News

Nano-superstructures may bring safer chemo - ABC Science


NSERC Presents 2 Minutes With Brendan Frey and Benjamin Blencowe (video)


November 2013

"How do you control the erratic behavior of a stem cell?" Peter Zandstra reveals his secret recipe for producing stem cells and what therapies lie on the horizon (listen to a 5 minute clip). Listen to the whole podcast.

Cindi Morshead collaborates to identify link between pregnant mother's health and baby's brain development - The Globe and Mail


October 2013

Peter Zandstra's research on stem cells anf how to predict their fate - U of T News

Gary Bader's research is highlighted in a Nature Genetis focus on Pan Cancer Analysis


September 2013

"Recipes in our Genomes" - Brendan Frey at TEDexToronto

Peter Zandstra wins the Till & McCullough Award for his contribution to global stem cell research. - U of T News


August 2013

Molly Shoichet and Aled Edwards funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Council's CREATE program - U of T News


July 2013

An interview with Peter Zandstra: "The Bioprocessing of stem cells: how to reach the clinic" - Future Medicine

Two new collaborative projects funded by CDQM and OCE, enhancing innovation across Quebec-Ontario boundaries. Also see InDanio Bioscience Inc. founded by Henry Krause.

Hughes and Morris labs crack "RNA control code", pointing to new possible cause of autism - U of T News





June 2013

Stagljar lab creates a comprehensive cellular ‘roadmap’ of disease-related proteins - Medicine News

NSERC Presents 2 Minutes With Warren Chan (video)

Professor Benjamin Blencowe apointed Banbury Chair in Medical Research  - U of T Magazine

Molly Shoichet in Biomaterials Offer A Robust Platform For Stem Cells - Forbes

Ben Blencowe published in Nature: "MBNL proteins repress ES-cell specific alternative splicing and reprogramming".


May 2013

Professor Molly Shoichet named U of T Inventor of the Year.

Professor Brenda Andrews is the recipient of the JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Award for 2013.

Penney Gilbert and Brian Shoichet receieve grants to advance infrastructure - U of T News

Using gold particles and DNA enzymes Professor Warren Chan and PhD student Kyryl Zagorovsky are creating a new way of testing for infectios diseases - The Globe and Mail


April 2013

Brudno and Bader awarded $1 million for computational biology research as featured in  Decoding of deluge in data - U of T News


March 2013

Prime Minister of France visits the Donnelly Centre - U of T News


February 2013

Warren Chan's research: Pour, Shake and Stir: Gold particles, DNA and water have the potential to shape the future of medicine

Professor Warren Chan receives the E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship - U of T News

Professor Warren Chan featured in Huffington Post


January 2013

Aaron Wheeler contributed to a cell culture podcast for BioTechniques (run time 1.04.10)

Adam Rosebrock awarded Connaught Innovation Award - U of T News


December 2012

Jason Moffat named one of the eight new Canada Research Chairs

Blencowe lab publishes in Science - explains how species with similar genes differ so markedly in their morphlogy.






September 2012

Igor Stagljar profiled in Croatian-born molecular biologist works hard and plays hard in Canada - Canadian Immigrant





June 2012

Dev Sidhu, Peter Zandstra and Aaron Wheeler selected as 2012 Inventors of the Year - U of T Research and Innovation





Ben Blencowe's publication makes the cover of Molecular Cell


April 2012

Amy Caudy and Philip Kim receive Early Researcher Awards - U of T News


February 2012

Ben Blencowe and Brendan Frey win the John C. Polanyi Award

Dev Sidhu starts company to make a new class of mirror-image molecules - U of T Research and Innovation


December 2010

Minister Clement Announces Investments to Speed Innovations to the Marketplace

Terrence Donnelly profiled in Joy of giving drives health legacy - Toronto Star




May 2010

Ben Blencowe and Brendan Frey crack the splicing code - Toronto Star









February 2010

Donnelly Centre featured in the U of T Magazine: Form Meets Function and Innovation Through Collaboration

Donnelly Professor Will Ryu in Science magazine: How does a worm wiggle?


January 2010

Brenda Andrews and Charlie Boone created the first geentic landscape of a cell - BBC News






September 2009

Ben Blencowe's lab co-identifies a protein controlling brain formation - U of T News


April 2008

Stagljar lab developing treatment for Cytic Fibrosis