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Donnelly Centre Educational Outreach Program

Welcome to the Donnelly Centre’s youth outreach program. Our goal is to help young people develop a greater knowledge of science and technology and inspire them to consider science-related careers. We want to show students how important science is to our every day lives and how exciting biomedical research can be. We accomplish this through face-to-face interactions with our researchers and hands-on scientific activities that promote learning beyond the classroom.

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Secondary school students are invited to the Donnelly Centre for classroom visits that involve:

  • Tours of the Donnelly Centre’s laboratories and facilities

  • Hands-on experiments

  • Research demonstrations and workshops

  • Lectures by Donnelly Centre professors

  • Q&A sessions with graduate students

  • Group discussions

During visits, students gain exposure to a number of research areas including stem cell biology, functional genomics, bioinformatics, bioengineering, chemical biology and more. Students learn the basics of DNA and see first-hand the animal models many of our researchers use to study human disease.

To arrange a classroom visit to the Donnelly Centre, please contact Annie Chan:


Educational Outreach Expansion

Part of our mandate at the Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research is to promote student interest in science, engage the next generation of researchers, and foster public awareness of the importance of biomedical research.

The Donnelly Centre outreach program enables students to see how scientific research is conducted in the real world beyond the classroom and provides them with the unique opportunity to interact with some of Ontario’s top scientists. Our goal is to make science and technology education accessible to all students.

Donnelly Centre principal investigators, researchers and graduate students are providing support beyond the call of duty by generously volunteering their time and expertise to the program. In the future, we hope to expand our outreach efforts to include job shadowing and cooperative education placements, and further develop our curriculum to ensure that a broad representation of research disciplines is available for students to experience. 


We are looking for a corporate partner to help us sustain this academic mission.

  • STAFF We are looking for funding for administrative staff to help us expand the number of high schools involved with this project.

  • COMMUNICATION Support communication efforts promoting public awareness of science and technology research.

“Your Future, that of your children, and that of your country depends on understanding a global economy driven by technology, understanding code, particularly genetic code, which is today’s most powerful technology.”  Juan Enrique, author of The Future as it Catches You.








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